"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, October 23, 2014

letters to Beth {my dryer smells like the GIRAFFE HOUSE & forget looking at the camera}

{i took this picture because i couldn't get anyone to sit and look at me at the same time, and chase was crying, and so sean came over and flew him around like an airplane, and then all of a sudden i realized, THIS is the picture. forget looking at the camera. i don't think october has EVER looked as beautiful in my yard as it has this year. i'm in heaven, and chase matches all of the colors!}

Dear Beth,
Good morning sunshine!!! How are you this fine October morning? I am well, and I hope you are also. It is finally really cold here in Utah in the mornings. So cold, that it requires a coat, but you can still wear your flip flops and jammies and be fine when getting kids off to school. Except Brennan left his sweatshirt at school yesterday, so i just sent him off with a long sleeve shirt and shorts, because remembering TWO sweatshirts to bring home {the one he left yesterday, and an extra one from today} would just be too much for him. so i gave him a kiss, and sent him off to his heated classroom school, hoping that being just a little cold walking in would remind him to make an effort to remember his sweatshirt. i am the nicest, don't you think? it is really warm by the end of the day, so we're not quite ready for pants, which is great because i still haven't had his pants hemmed yet. i think i can push it another two weeks, which means i will wait about three weeks before i desperately need to have his hemmed pants ready to go. sigh. this is me, take it or leave it.

so my dyer is stinky. did you know this is a thing? i didn't know it was a thing. i throw a cup of vinegar in my washing machine every other month or 6 months or so, whenever i remember, and the thing is going on 10 years strong and doesn't even stink, but the dryer, well, it smells like the giraffe house at hogle zoo. do you remember what that smells like? it's pretty much awful. so anyway, i looked on pinterest, and a stinky dryer IS actually a thing. you just clean out that silver astronaut vent thing, and vwallah it's not supposed to stink anymore. so i was explaining all of this to sean, and how it HAS been 10 years, so i should just probably run on down to home depot this morning and buy a new one, and all of a sudden he was all "THE SUNFLOWERS!!!" and that's when it hit me too. IT WAS THE SUNFLOWERS. see, sean worked so hard in the yard last weekend. he's amazing. i love him!!! he pulled out all of the tomato bushes, cucumbers, the strawberries i forgot to tell him to leave him {i just don't think i'm meant to grow strawberries, as this is the third year i've failed}, the peppers, the zucchini, the green beans, and the watermelon that never grew. it was amazing! he has our yard looking like a first class blue ribbon winner, all ready for winter, and since he's such an organized, neat and tidy guy, he lined up what wouldn't fit into the garbage cans along the side of the house in a neat and tidy stack so that after the next garbage day all of the excess can be neatly placed in the freshly emptied garbage can, conveniently RIGHT next to the dryer output vent. then it rained, and OH how i LOVE the rain!!! except, do you KNOW what wet, rotting broccoli and sunflowers and squash plant smells like? GIRAFFE HOUSE at the hogle zoo:) yep, it does. so last night at like 10:30pm sean was moving all of the rotting sunflowers for me, and squash plant, and broccoli, to the front of the house where the blue birds will come and feed off of them until our bulk waste removal next month, or until we get it dumped week by week into the garbage cans. this is the one time of year i wish i had 6 garbage cans. so this morning, i was all excited, and hoping my clothes were going to smell like kirkland dryer sheets and NOT giraffe house, and it still smells like the giraffe house, BUT, not to fret! i think it still needs some time. also, i'm thinking i might just replace that 10 yr old astronaut vent just because it feels like it's the least i could do for my dryer since it's run so well for me all this time, and it's probably been jealous of the washer and all of its vinegar treatments and stuff.
so that my friend is what i was thinking about as i was folding our underwear in the laundry room this morning. there are the most beautiful colors all around everywhere i look. "i'm so glad i live in a world where there are octobers!!!" i'm also really glad i live in a world with children.

i give you, my baby that looks like autumn:
{see what i mean, trying to get them looking at the camera is overrated. i have about 30 more of these with each child crying at one point or another. that was until daddy saved us all with the flying airplane trick. works like a charm every time. forget looking at the camera!}

happy october my sweet friend! is bryce home yet? how are the boys? what are you cooking to bring in fall? i'm making pumpkin chocolate chip cookies this morning and thinking of you! i love you!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

the day we saw dolphins {day 3}

this was the day we saw dolphins.
a whole pod.
there's something magical about dolphins being so close to you off the shore.
the surfers stop surfing, and just sit with their feet dangling off the sides of their boards, 
and they all flag each other down to watch the dolphins
as they come within feet of them going by.
time just sorta stops as the mystical creatures slowly glide in and out of the water,
and we all sat on the sand wishing we were the surfers sitting out there on boards touching the dolphins as the swam by.
every time their fins would come up my heart would skip.
it never gets old.
also, i tried to snorkel for shells like my brother in law kenny because he was finding some AWESOME necklace making ones, but about three wipe outs later i called it quits and went back to boogie boarding, as there is nothing more fun 
than getting a really good wave right in front of your kids.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

i just remember it had me all excited? {day 2}

every single morning at the beach, 
except the last morning, 
maxine gave us the wonderful pleasure of seeing the ocean at 5am.
do you want to know what the ocean looks like at 5am?
it looks really dark:)
in fact, you can't really see anything until about 6:15am,
and then things start to get really beautiful around 6:45am.
this is what i learned about mornings on the beach.
also, paddle boarding time on the ocean is anytime between 6am and 7am.
by 7am, it's surfing time.
it reminded me a lot of high school and watching the surfers get out there 
before school in the morning.
the birthday boy!
birthday festivities 
went as follows:
birthday boy slept in, you're welcome sean
conference scones and raspberry butter were prepared and served for 19. have you ever tried to watch conference with 10 kids? yeah, we gave up halfway into the first talk. 
{sean and i listened to the saturday session in the car all the way home to utah. holey moley, i haven't gotten that much out of conference since before brennan was born, i kid you not.}
surprise paddle board rented for the birthday boy
getting out past three breaks and some massive waves was achieved
big hats and 4 bottles of spray sunscreen were worn
sand was firmly established in all crevasses of all gibsons 
{i am even still finding it in my left ear, and we've been home for almost a week--it's awesome.}
candles blown out and cake was had 
{i was SO PROUD that i got a picture with ALL of the kids in it. that is until my brother in law told me i was missing chase. mmm hmmm. dang.}

{above: i took about 93 shots of this with his pail just like this standing here. 
i wanted to EAT him he was so cute.}
i can't even tell you the kind of waves he had to fight to get out there this day because obviously this picture looks like a walk in the park, also, it's zoomed in so it doesn't show how far out he had to get, BUT i will say that he had a beach full of strangers and family, with their mouths and jaws dropped to the ground when he finally succeeded at getting himself, the board, and a paddle out into the ocean blue. it was pretty freaking fantastic to watch, let me tell you. he told me later he could hear me screaming and cheering for him. cheerleader voice, oh yeah.
{above: my super fine ocean paddle boarder returns from his sea adventures. someone pointed out something SUPER funny about the picture on the right...i just can't remember what is was...i just remember it had me all excited? hahahahahahaha.....sorry dad.} 
happy happy sean sean.
i'm so glad you were born:)

Sunday, October 12, 2014

bloody max {day 1 at the beach}

about 2 minutes after getting out of the car max got a bloody nose.
and we aren't talking about some wussy bloody nose.
like it was full on someone just punched her in the face but they really didn't bloody nose.
and because there was lots going on she wandered around wiping her nose with her arms and on her shirt, thinking it was regular old snot, when really it was blood.
then it took almost half an hour to get it stopped.
and for the rest of the week every time her nose was running she would run up and ask me if it was bloody again.
and that is what i remember about the first day of the beach.